HMS Sultan Haven Kenya 2015

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What Will We Be Doing?

The 12 day trip will consist of 3 main stages:


Mt Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa, at 5199 m... not only that but we will be climbing up the glacier! Full training in ice skills thankfully provided by our partners African Ascents. We plan to spend 5 days on the mountain, pushing ourselves physically by taking on a challenge both at altitude and in unfamiliar terrain. Experts suggest that the ice is receding at such a rate that the glacier will have disappeared in 30 years time so there is a real chance that our generation will be the last to experience it in it's full glory!


Having conquered the might of Mt Kenya, we will set to work testing both our engineering skills and teamwork with a local community project. Details TBC nearer the time, but in partnership with Nanyuki Children's Charitable Trust we hope to benefit a school or orphanage in a practical and lasting way, as well as enjoying a few games of football! Equally as challenging as the mountain, but in a very different way - testing our emotional comfort zones and broadening our understanding of global issues such as poverty and climate change by connecting them to real life people. We expect our perspective to be radically changed!


It has been said that it would be a crime to visit Kenya and not go on safari, so the last night in country will be spent out in amongst the iconic African wildlife. This will also give us a chance to reflect on our achievements and what we may have learnt about ourselves (and each other!) before arriving back to the UK.